Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the design of a Kansha app?

Kansha supports custom themes, a default theme called kansha_flat is bundled with the app.

A theme is made of 4 CSS files grouped in a folder named as your theme:

  • kansha.css is included in every page, it should contain common style rules used all around the app
  • board.css is included in the board view, it defines the styles of the boards, colums and cards
  • home.css is only included in the homepage listing your boards and in user profile/user cards
  • login.css is included in the login page only

For development purposes you can store it in the folder /static/css/themes/ or configure a web server to serve these files according to deployment section of the Nagare manual.

To activate it, you have to edit the Application section of your configuration file, changing the theme parameter to fit your theme name.

Once done, restart your app and enjoy.

See static/css/themes/kansha_flat folder for a working example.